Lord Dunsby


Steven Millington is a graduate of the Bolton Institute of Fine and Applied Arts. Born in 1969, Steven has embraced wholeheartedly the concept of the ‘jobbing’ illustrator/designer, working across a wide range of media, to meet a similar wide range of briefs. Born in the North West of England, his career began as an apprentice engraver; an apprenticeship that helped hone his skills in the technical aspects of amazing penmanship.

Working in a style informed as much as inspired by the likes of Ronald Searle and Saul Steinberg, Steven Millington’s ouvre is distinctly Janus-faced, harking back to a pre Mac Book era of nib and Quink yet instinctively contemporary – it is certainly knowing, definitely respectful, yet never, that dread word, ironic. His achievements are as long as they are broad, covering a range of projects to include; Books such as ‘The Perfectly Dressed Gentleman’ and ‘The Little Black Dress’ etiquette and style guides, cocktail books, and numerous iconoclastic volumes. Various environmental animations for Earth Justice.all proud as Punch to bear the Dunsby trademark curlicue.

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